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Ever cut into an avocado only to find brown mushy mess? Oh, the frustration, right?! Well, good news is that we can significantly reduce the chances of cutting into a bad avocado. Over the years, I’ve learned to shop smartly and buy avocados in advance.And today I’m sharing my tips, so you can enjoy a fresh avocado without frustration!

TIP #1: How to buy a perfect avocado?

1. Plan ahead and buy *firm* avocados. Also choose variety of shades, because the outside color indicates how soon they’ll ripen, therefore you won’t have all of your avocados ripen at the same time.

For example, brighter/greener skin indicates that the avocado will ripen in about 5 days at room temperature or 7-9 days in the fridge. And dark green avocado will be ripe in about 2 days at room temperature. Dark brown skin (also pretty soft to touch) means avocado is ripe and ready to be eaten.

TIP: To slow down the ripening process, store avocados in the fridge!

2. About 2 days before you plan on using, bring out a dark green avocado (or however many you need) on the counter and it’ll ripen and soften when you’ll need them.

If you forget to take the avocado out and really need it sooner, like next day, put it in a brown paper bag with a banana.

TIP #2: How to store a cut avocado? 

  1. If you used half of the avocado, and need to store the other half, make sure to save the one with  a pit in it.
  2. Wrap it with a plastic wrap, making sure the plastic touches the entire surface of the avocado to prevent any exposure to air. This way the avocado won’t darken.
  3. When ready to use, simply remove the pit and slice off a thin top layer.
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