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These are the best meal prep containers from my experience. Time-tested food storage containers everyone should have in the kitchen! Clean, sleek, and most importantly, super durable containers for everyday use!

These are the best meal prep containers from my experience. Time-tested, durable and versatile food storage containers for everyday use!

I’ve been meal prepping for a few years now. And over the years, I’ve gone through a few different containers and I can confidently share my favorites. 

When it comes to food storage containers, I have 7 main criteria:

  1. Durable – I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to buy new sets every few months. I want my meal prep containers durable and long-lasting. 
  2. Spill- and leak proof – Yeah, this’s for obvious reasons. Plus, airtight containers also keep food in good quality longer!
  3. Cold and heat resistant – Sometimes you’d want to put some leftovers into the freezer. Sometimes, you’d want to reheat your leftovers. That’s why I love my glass containers, because they’re safe for popping into a microwave for a few minutes. So, it’s not only convenient, it’s also safe!
  4. Compact to store – I love when they nest in together, or stack easily. 
  5. Variety of size – It’s so important to have variety of sizes available, because obviously you won’t always have the same amount of food all the time!
  6. Easy to clean – Who has time to meticulously clean all the containers and reassemble each time you use them, right? Not I. 
  7. Sleek and beautiful – Let’s be honest, this may seem so shallow. But whether you admit it or not, it’s so pleasing to have beautiful glass containers neatly stacked in your fridge with ready-to-cook ingredients, and/or leftovers!

Now, that we’re on the same page on our expectations, let me share with you my go-to meal prep containers that I use daily and highly recommend.

Prep Naturals Glass Meal Prep Containers

These are my go-to for leftovers, as well as small batch of grains, or veggies for meal prepping.

Round Glass Containers

I love this round containers too. The lid fits perfectly, very nice looking and nests perfectly when stored in a drawer. 

Anchor Hockings 6-cup Glass Container

This big container is perfect for a large batch of roasted vegetables, or rice. I love their one-piece lid!

Anchor Hockings 1-cup Glass Container

These little cups are my absolute favorites, because they come in handy for sauces and dips, and small leftovers.

Pyrex Glass Bowl Set

This doubles as a mixing bowl. Why I love this set: great sizes, nesting, which means they’re super compact to store, and easy to clean! Make sure to get the one with lids!

Zip Top Silicone Containers

I love that these are reusable and more durable version of ziploc bags! No lids are necessary and they stand up conveniently, so it’s super easy to fill it. I’ve been using it for quite sometime now, and they don’t absorb smell of food.

Stasher Silicone Bags

Compared to Zip Top containers, Stasher bags are more thin, but in a good way it’s really durable and have a great seal. But it’s not as easy to fill with food as Zip Top containers.

Tall Deli Food Containers

So, I’ve collected these containers from take-outs. And I love using them for storing homemade stock. They’re perfect for freezing, but I never ever reheat things in it. 

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